Episode 4: Yes, our jobs are awkward sometimes!

You guys…we have some interesting jobs.

We see homes at their worst in both of our businesses and sometimes that leads to some really awkward moments!! In this episode we are chatting about some of the most awkward moments Brittany has had in homes that her and her husband are flipping and some of the most interesting experiences Katy has had in her clients’ homes while organizing. Quick recap: Clown mask, cat houses, jars filled with skin and drugs. You know you want to listen to find out what in the world we have seen in our businesses!!

Flat lay with letter board and cocktail shaker and glasses.

“When there is a weird house in the neighborhood, everyone wants to tell you a story…” -Brittany


Cocktail this week is easy peasy! We are drinking vodka sodas. We really need to be more creative next time!! Right?? 🙂

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