Episode 5: Does Balance Exist as a Creative Business Owner?

In short…yes!!

This episode is all about balance!! Does it exist and can you have it as a business owner…or as a mom, wife, etc. We think you can, but maybe it looks different than you might think it does. It’s hard to juggle #allthethings . We know this first hand as wives, mothers and business owners! In this episode we are going to give you all the tip and tricks and lessons we have learned along the way.

“I think every mom in the world is tired.” -Katy


We are covering burnout (it’s real!), mom guilt, knowing the “WHY” behind your business, asking for help, self-care and prioritizing relationships. You don’t want to miss this episode. It’s one of our favorites so far because it’s so real for us.


“Figure out what you love and where people can come in and support you.” -Brittany


We forgot to drink this episode. Fail!! We’ll do better next time! But tell us if you think that balance can exist. We are curious to know if you agree with us or not…



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