Episode 6: Elements of a Well Designed and Organized Kitchen


In this episode, Brittany and Katy discuss kitchens!


First, Brittany tells us how to design the layout of your ideal kitchen. Think about how you are going to use the space, what is important to you, and your kitchen style. Then, the two discuss choosing your kitchen elements starting with cabinets and later debate the pros and cons of popular countertop materials. Brittany and Katy also talk cabinet hardware, open-shelving, and lighting schemes on varying switches to set the mood for your entire household.


“It’s the designer curse; you see something, and you want to run with it.” -Brittany


Later, Katy examines how to organize your kitchen; start the process by first decluttering! Tune in for tips on creating systems, can risers, and good-quality Tupperware!


“Setting up systems that help you live the kitchen life you are dreaming of.” – Katy

Our drink for this episode was a shot of Red Berry Ciroc vodka. Sometimes, that is the kind of day you are having and you just have to embrace it!

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