Episode 8: Let’s Talk About Traveling!

Why is experiencing new cultures and perspectives essential to us? Let’s find out!

In this episode, Brittany and Katy discuss travel! First, Brittany tells us about her big spring break plans to Disney World and Universal Studios.


“We just made travel part of our kid’s lives. It’s not weird for them to be in a car or a plane.” -Brittany

Brittany & Katy explain why experiencing new cultures and perspectives are essential to their families. Also, the two tell us their favorite travel destinations and beloved road trip spots.

Preparation for the family road trip includes books, snacks, and toys. You guys need to listen to hear about business travel, finding the best restaurants, and if you should make a detailed itinerary!


“Planning puts a lot of pressure on the trip because you have all of these expectations you committed to.” -Katy


We’re drinking La Croix…We had to pick up kids from school. Safety first, y’all!!


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