Episode 10: Inspiring Work Spaces: Creating Spaces that Motivate You to Make More Money


Pretty and functional spaces & more money?? Yes, please!!


Brittany and Katy record this episode from a bed at Alt Summit and talk about creating spaces that motivate us to make more money! The two tell us five easy steps every person can take to make an inspiring workspace. Start big, then narrow it down by figuring out your style and picking one piece to inspire the rest of the space. Katy recommends functional pieces that will keep your workspace organized like shelving spaces and drawer systems.


“I always recommend utilizing vertical space, especially in an office.”



Think about how cluttered areas make us feel, organization is essential for motivation and taking work to the next level. Brittany and Katy also talk about how we put so much pressure on ourselves to do the next think and meet other people’s expectations and how we forgot to have fun and enjoy the journey.


“I am doing this because I love it, but also because I love what it means to run a business and be my own boss.”



Later, the two talk about living the moment, accessorizing, and whiskey barrel décor (yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds!). 🙂


Drink recipe:

-A heavy pour of Tito’s vodka over ice.

-Fill the rest of the glass with Passionfruit La Croix

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