Episode 9: How to Style Your Spaces When Your New Home Has a Different Aesthetic

Help! My new space doesn’t match my old space and I don’t know what to do!!

Brittany and Katy record their first episode after Katy’s move to Texas. Katy explains how she is trying to adopt her Austin home aesthetic to make sense with the pieces that were in her home in Arizona. The new home has a more traditional feel that Katy is not sure that will mix with the pieces that she currently has, but she doesn’t want to spend a ton of money knowing that this is a rental home. Brittany gives her tips and ideas as to how she can use existing pieces and bring in new ones that will mix her previous style and bring in the look and aesthetic of her new home.

“You can bring a traditional feel in almost any style.”


She suggests a vintage bohemian rug with a rattan chair to style the living room. It’s easy to mix 2 different styles together and create a look that matches your style and the style of your home. And just because you are renting doesn’t mean you can’t invest in items to put into your home to make it comfortable for family and a place you love to spend time in.

“Now I’m all inspired, I’m going to go paint a dresser or something.”


Later, the two talk about the master bedroom color scheme, repurposing pieces, and hard sparkling water.

Links from the episode:

Edessa Tribal Medallion Rug

Natural Rattan Fallon Cocoon Chair with Cushion

White Claw

2019 Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival

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